For the extravagant Amazonia pattern, Villeroy & Boch has drawn inspiration from the colourful natural world of the Amazon. Now, Villeroy & Boch has also applied this prized décor to the round classic "Anmut" and thereby confers to Amazonia a new and attractive design. The timeless shape created by designer Karl Leutner in 1950 has already been the base for various décor concepts. The unpretentious design gives the expressive decoration Amazonia lots of room to deploy its colours and radiance. The colibris, tropical butterflies, passion fruits, orchids and flowers of the Calliandra Grandiflora have an effect as if they were almost three-dimensional. The intricate décor is made even more valuable by its sparingly applied gold overlay. Anmut Amazonia lends itself beautifully to an extravagant mix with the purely white Anmut crockery series. The two different formal concepts of Amazonia, too - the round Anmut and the square Modern Grace - combine perfectly, so that you can create an individual mix of shapes that share the same elegant decoration. It is made of premium bone porcelain and is dishwasher resistant.

    • Villeroy and Boch Amazonia Anmut Cereal Bowl 0.75L
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    • Villeroy and Boch Amazonia Anmut Salad Plate 22cm
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