Burleigh has been making its wares in England since 1851. Much of what we do now remains unchanged from that date.
Every piece of Burleigh is made by hand. Hand and eye and heart, mixed with centuries of experience and passion. Experience that is passed down, passed on, inherited and shared. In this way, we ensure that the way we make, is the best way.

The patterns that you see on our ware are created from engraved copper rollers which in themselves are little works of art. Used daily to print our designs onto a special tissue paper using a coloured paste that is made up fresh every day. Each part of the process of making Burleigh requires skill and patience and experience.

Every piece we make passes through the many hands that produce Burleigh ware at the Middleport Pottery, our home since 1889. We use skills you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Unique skills. Skills that are combined with a passion for clay and a passion for getting it right. Skills mixed with just a little bit of magic too. The magic that turns grey, damp clay into something pure white, something permanent, something brilliant.
Our skill, attention to detail and dedication to preserving a time honoured craft tradition is what makes Burleigh the way it is today and always has been.

Burleigh is handmade for a reason, because handmade is the best way.

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